Branding and bars have long gone hand in hand. But the days when cocktail napkins, swizzle sticks, cardboard coasters and matchbooks were the last word in tactile advertising are over. In today’s distracted culture, cocktail bars need something a little flashier to chisel their names into the drinker’s consciousness. Bars are now  using stamped ice cubs  to remind drinkers where they are but I am sure after the 2nd drink you will not remember. ICE CUBE.jpg





Virginia Black Whiskey

Rap star Drake has officially launched his Virginia Black whiskey brand, made in collaboration with Brent Hocking, the creator of DeLéon Tequila.



With a shared passion for style, music, and the pursuit of taste; Brent Hocking, & Award-winning songwriter, rapper, and actor, Drake, have collaborated to bring you Virginia Black American Whiskey. Made from a personally selected collection of two, three, and four-year old bourbons, finished with a decadent profile. Aged for two years.

After attending the exclusive Trade tasting of Virginia Black pre release- I am happy to report it  is a rich, smooth bourbon available at a decidedly reasonable price (because its founders believe that “everyone should have access to glamour, swagger and soul”).

I wish they were both here but the bottle is!  Order your bottle online here to have it shipped.




In celebration of Patrón tequila’s Mexican heritage, the ultra-premium tequila brand has introduced a limited edition collector’s gift tin. Contemporary Mexican artist Verónica Villarreal Sada designed the Aztec-inspired metal box, which houses a bottle of Patrón Silver tequila.

“Though Patrón is enjoyed across the world, every drop of our tequila is produced in the town of Atotonilco el Alto in the picturesque Jalisco Highlands in Mexico,” says Ed Brown, president and CEO at Patrón Spirits International. “We’re very proud of our Mexican heritage, and the history and culture that for generations has inspired the production of tequila, showcased through this beautiful collector’s edition Patrón Mexican Heritage tin.”

Set against a vibrant pink background, the Patrón Silver Mexico tin prominently features two Aztec deities, Quetzalcóatl, the feathered serpent, and Tonatiuh, the sun god, as well as an eagle to represent ancient mythological symbolism. Drawing inspiration from traditional mosaics and embroidery, Sada used bright, eye-catching colors to capture traditional Mexican patterns and prints. Circling the Patrón bottle on the side of the tin is an interpretation of the ancient Aztec calendar.

The special edition Patrón Mexican Heritage tin is available for purchase : http://www.melandrose.com/istar.asp?a=6&id=92502

Patrón Silver is made from only the finest 100 percent Weber Blue Agave handcrafted in small batches in Jalisco, Mexico to be smooth, soft and easily mixable. Its taste is sweet, with fresh agave and citrus, and a light pepper finish.

Veuve Cliquot Rose Megaphone: A Party in One Gift

It’s not every day a champagne can elicit audible cries of “Wow!” without even being opened.  But this not every day.  Today, we have the Veuve Cliquot Rose Megafone.  Not only is it a truly memorable gift containing one of the best non-vintage champagnes available, it is also one of the most interesting pieces of engineering ever made related to a bottle.Veuve-Clicquot-Rose-Scream-Your-Love-2

On first glance, the gift case brings cheer-leading and old movies to mind: shaped like an old-fashioned megaphone, it is a striking image that conjures a sense of classic fun.  Unscrew the base, and the megaphone shell lifts up to reveal a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Rose Champagne.  A blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Veuve Cliquot’s own reserve wines make up a delicious rose champagne, with bright fruit notes front and center, but a carefully balanced acidity and lingering finish to keep you entertained glass after glass.


But wait!  We’re not done yet.  We’ve only cracked the surface of the Megaphone.  Picking up the shell again, we can take off the cap at the top, and voila!  It is now a fully functional megaphone, perfect for when you want to play director at your next party.  And that’s still not all, because, when you’re finally ready to pop that champagne, simply screw the top end of the megaphone into the base, inverting it from its original orientation, and now, it’s an ice bucket.


Three fantastic uses from just the case: an eye-catching gift, a party-starting megaphone, and a practical ice bucket, not to mention the champagne inside the whole thing.  A better gift, I couldn’t imagine.




We have to start with an Aloha as Ocean Vodka has been created in the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaiian Islands. This family owned operated distillery has released a new bottling featuring the best handcrafted vodka in the world for the environment.   The crisp, natural, clean taste great to enjoy in cocktails or straight on ice

drinks2 new-bottle-ocean800-300

Absolut Warhol Limited Edition

AbsolutWarhol_250x500Absolut Warhol Limited Edition.

Original Absolut Vodka in a Limited Edition Andy Warhol Bottle

 Absolut is proud to present its iconic bottle in its most renowned form to date. The Andy Warhol Edition transforms Andy Warhol’s original Absolut painting onto the shape of the bottle, allowing you to bring home your very own Warhol. By ordering a bottle now through this exclusive Pre-Sale, you will be among the select customers who are guaranteed a bottle.
Bottle Size: 750ml

What’s similar between Napoleon Bonaparte & James Bond


Napoleon Bonaparte is reported to have had  a weakness to Champange.  When Lord John Maynard Keynes took his last breath, his last words were “I wish I had drunk more Champagne” before he consigned his soul to the almighty. In a nutshell his last words can describe the sentimentality of any champagne drinker.  Nowadays no celebration is complete without popping the bubbly froth of champagne. From winners spraying each other with champagne to people marking any occasion like a promotion by opening a bottle of champagne, this drink is a flawless match and adds grace to a gathering in any celebration because of its vivaciousness and elegance. However, not many people realize that champagne is in fact a sparkling wine with the main difference between the two being that, unlike wine, champagne undergoes double fermentation, once in the barrel and then in the bottle. This allows the carbon dioxide to get trapped in the wine giving those distinctive bubbles. The bubbles in the champagne are also responsible for carrying the alcohol into the blood stream faster. Also, since, classic champagne is only produced in a particular region of France,  it is produced in a far more limited quantity. That is why champagne is one of the most expensive drinks. So, raise a toast with champagne as often as you can, in celebration or not, so that you don’t end up expressing the sentiment of Lord Keynes. Read below for some interesting and amazing information about champagne.


Interesting And Fun Facts About Champagne

  • Champagne is only produced from the French region of Champagne. It is believed that this wine was invented by the Benedictine monk, Dom Perignon. He allowed the carbon dioxide to form inside the bottle, giving rise to bubbles.
  • It is a type of sparkling wine and is distinguished due to the formation of bubbles. A bottle of champagne can have as many as 49 million bubbles. Because of the distinctive bubbles in champagne, it is also affectionately known as ‘bubbly’.
  • The size of the bubbles is one of the factors that determine the quality of the champagne. High quality champagne is denoted by tiny bubbles. Large bubbles are a mark of inferior quality.
  • Champagne should always be drunk in a tall and narrow glass called the flute to confine the bubbles and concentrate the aroma. To enhance the taste and aroma the champagne should be allowed to sit for a few minutes after pouring into a glass.
  • Unlike other wines, champagne does not get better with age.
  • The label champagne can be used only if it is produced in the Champagne region of France. Since the label is copyrighted, similar wine produced elsewhere, using the same technique should be marked as ‘methode champenoise’ to give credit to the procedure.
  • A champagne bottle bears a pressure that is equivalent to the tyre pressure of a double decker bus. This pressure can be reduced to a significant extent by chilling.
  • The grapes that are traditionally used to make champagne are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.
  • The champagne ‘coupe’ or goblet is said to have been modeled in the shape of Marie Antoinette’s breast.
  • The cork of the champagne bottle can pop at a velocity of 40 miles per hour and it can even reach to a speed of 100 miles per hour.
  • At a festival in Italy, the world’s largest champagne glass was unveiled. The glass stands at 7 feet tall and can hold about 22 bottles of champagne.
  • A biography of Marilyn Monroe states that the famous actress once took a bath in champagne. Up to 350 bottles of champagne were used to fill the tub.
  • Ian Fleming’s most enduring creation, James Bond, was also known for his love for champagne.
  • On board the titanic, the champagne that was served was Heidsieck & Co Monopole Blue Top Champagne Brut. There is a rumor that some of the bottles that washed ashore several years later had champagne that tasted great.
  • A raisin kept in a glass of champagne will keep rising to the top and sinking to the bottom.