Month: August 2014

Rosé Wine made simple

rose wines

Almost every wine region in the world makes rosé—and not one uses pink grapes. Some vintners simply blend red and white wines; others, in an effort to make their red wine more concentrated, bleed off some juice to simultaneously make rosé. The best versions, however, involve leaving red-grape juice in tanks with the grape skins for anywhere from a few hours to several days. The longer the juice is left with 
the skins, the deeper the color (from a hint of pink or salmon to a hot pink or ruby hue) and the more full-bodied the wine.

First sip of Champagne! Do you remember yours?

What are the special moments in life that stay with us? The moments that help to define who we become and what we do with our lives. These moments are extremely varied from person to person and culture to culture, but one that I think crosses many personal and cultural lines is the first time one experiences Champagne. After all, it is the wine of celebration and merriment.
For me that first nose tickle of the bubbles before the taste of the nectar will always be a moment I remember. It is a moment that helped to define who I am and what I do for a living. It also shaped my feelings about shared celebration and the need to enjoy and acknowledge those special times and events that mark one’s passage through life.
My first taste of Champagne, as I imagine to be true for many others, was at a wedding. I was young and only allowed a small serving to participate in the toast. Just being handed the glass and included with the adults made the moment special to me. I stood a little taller, straightened my jacket and tried to imitate the proper way to hold the delicate glass. This was living. I was on my way to being a grown-up. It felt pretty cool. 
It was the first time I heard and saw the clink of flatware on glass create a moment to kiss. After the bride and groom had their kiss, everyone stood and raised their glasses. I happily joined in. After several stories of shared love and jokes that didn’t always hit the mark, I got to have my first sip. CHAMPAGNE! WOW!
That was the start of my love of not only Champagne but of wine itself. It began a journey down a road for me that is still in progress. It has led me to wonderful places, brought me into contact with fascinating people, and allowed me to experience moments of great enjoyment.
Do you remember your first sip of Champagne? Can you picture the time and the place? See the faces of those you shared the moment with? A great way to jog that memory is to have another sip of the bubbles. 
Come join us at Mel & Rose this Friday the 8th of August from 6-8pm and do just that. We are hosting a Piper Heidsieck tasting that will give you the perfect opportunity to relive and remember that first sip.