In celebration of Patrón tequila’s Mexican heritage, the ultra-premium tequila brand has introduced a limited edition collector’s gift tin. Contemporary Mexican artist Verónica Villarreal Sada designed the Aztec-inspired metal box, which houses a bottle of Patrón Silver tequila.

“Though Patrón is enjoyed across the world, every drop of our tequila is produced in the town of Atotonilco el Alto in the picturesque Jalisco Highlands in Mexico,” says Ed Brown, president and CEO at Patrón Spirits International. “We’re very proud of our Mexican heritage, and the history and culture that for generations has inspired the production of tequila, showcased through this beautiful collector’s edition Patrón Mexican Heritage tin.”

Set against a vibrant pink background, the Patrón Silver Mexico tin prominently features two Aztec deities, Quetzalcóatl, the feathered serpent, and Tonatiuh, the sun god, as well as an eagle to represent ancient mythological symbolism. Drawing inspiration from traditional mosaics and embroidery, Sada used bright, eye-catching colors to capture traditional Mexican patterns and prints. Circling the Patrón bottle on the side of the tin is an interpretation of the ancient Aztec calendar.

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Patrón Silver is made from only the finest 100 percent Weber Blue Agave handcrafted in small batches in Jalisco, Mexico to be smooth, soft and easily mixable. Its taste is sweet, with fresh agave and citrus, and a light pepper finish.

Nightclub crowd & Bottle service

 ” Grey Goose, Cognac and now tequila hits the clubs! “Image




Do you order Bottle-serviced Grey Goose or cognac in a club – if so you need to watch your back.

You now have competition from high-end tequilas, ranging from decent to delicious, and all designed to attract the nightclub crowd. There are high-end tequilas out here now.    Baron Tequila, a ritzy, certified organic and gluten-free blanco in a stylish bottle, hosted its thumping, DJ-fueled launch party at Butter Midtown in NYC. Distribution is still limited, but you’ll find it at celebrity-studded, Yelper-blocking nightclub 1Oak. Meanwhile, our best seller  high-end tequila Casa Dragones has been hosting see-and-be-seen parties during Coachella, Art Basel and other beautiful-people hotspots.



Those tequilas may all end up looking like first-timers on the dance floor later this year: At the beginning of January, spirits giant Diageo announced it was partnering with Sean “Diddy Combs who just t acquired DeLeon, a super-pricey tequila ($100 to $900, depending on expression) out of Guanajato, Mexico. This agave juice — aged in wine barrels and elaborately packaged with a large sterling silver cap — is already known among fashionistas and rockers. Now Mr. Diddy wants it everywhere: “There is no tequila on the market like DeLeon,” says Combs. “And we are going to make it the No. 1 brand in the world for this category.” It just might work: Diageo and Diddy last teamed up to convert Ciroc from an unknown French vodka to a incredibly successful club staple.




Robb Report Host’s Guide Holiday 2013

robb report

Robb Report hand-selected the finest spirits in the world for holiday gifts. Only a few spirits are chosen for the ultimate holiday elixir. DeLeón Leóna is one of them.

Aged in 2007 Château d’Yquem barrels for 34-months—just two months shy of becoming an extra añejo—this deep bronze añejo plus possesses thick flavors of burnt orange peel and pungent rose petal. This private reserve limited edition is attractively inset in a black case, and the tequila comes with a python-skin flask and stopper to match the one that caps its hand-blown French glass bottle. ($825)

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