Hot Toddy – the natural healing for your croupy cough.

This the season for runny noses and croupy coughs…but we know just what the doctor ordered: drinks. Alcoholic drinks. But please DO NOT drink these when you’re taking heavy cold meds, but try to take a break from medicating and attempt some natural healing with a stiff drink. You’ll be back to normal in no time.

Hot Toddy


The Hot Toddy is a classic cold cure. Just coat the bottom of a mug with about a tablespoon of honey and add 1 oz. of whiskey, brandy or rum and squeeze in 1/4 of a lemon. At the same time, you should be boiling 1 cup of water with a cinnamon stick, a whole clove and lemon rind for about 3 minutes. Then pour that water through a strainer and into the mug.

The Cure

If you don’t really feel like sipping an entire drink, how about a shot? Just combine 1/2 oz. tequila blanco, 1/2 oz. agave nectar and 1/2 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice. It will be just like when you used to take your cough medicine as a kid, except this will give you a way better buzz.

The Mila Kunis

Okay, this drink doesn’t actually have a name as far as we know, but Mila Kunis told GQ about it in an interview, so therefore we named it after her. She didn’t give any measurements, so just use some common sense and you’ll be fine.

Pour a bottle of Cabernet in a saucepan, then add green tea powder, chai, and two gel caps of fish oil. Let it simmer for a while until the gel caps open and ooze out the liquid. Then add apple cider vinegar and a third of a bottle of vodka. Hmm… yum?

What’s your cure for the common cold?

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