The Duke

Introducing Duke Bourbon: For the cowboy in your life…

In the world of whiskey, scotch has always been dominant.  Elegant, complex, refined.  Scotch is the drink of royalty, sitting on a throne as servants tend to their every whim.

Prince Charles drinks scotch.

Bourbon, on the other hand, has no such reputation.  It is drunk in dive bars by ruffians playing pool.  It is the representative “rail” whiskey the world over.  It is knocked back in shots, spurring grimaced faces to hiss through their teeth as they swallow it down.

John Wayne drinks bourbon.

Scotch has no place on a dusty trail stamped flat by horses’ hooves.  Only bourbon is as rugged, straightforward, and unassuming as the man who was known as The Duke.

Now, The Duke finally has a bourbon to call his own.  Ethan Wayne, John Wayne’s son, has brought about a bourbon based on his father’s private collection.  Well spiced, yet tempered by sweet vanilla, Duke Bourbon is what John Wayne would have been proud to drink.

Scotch may be the drink of princes, bur bourbon is the drink of Dukes.  After all, :”a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” duke-bourbon-beauty-shot-portrait-web