The “No Muss, No Fuss” Bloody Mary!

Purchase the new and exciting Belvedere Bloody Mary!

Belvedere Blood Mary Vodka 750ml Bottle

All hail the “No Muss, No Fuss” Bloody Mary!

We welcome an exciting new take from Belvedere Vodka on an old favorite… the Bloody Mary.

No mix or special ingredients required. Whether you are lounging poolside, picnicking seaside, or trekking through the wilderness you can enjoy a refreshing Bloody Mary with little fuss. The Belvedere Bloody Mary Vodka has a robust and spicy flavor that any Bloody Mary fan will enjoy. In a world where little is pure and natural this drink is completely natural with no artificial additives or flavors. Take a sip and you will experience a flavor explosion… tomato, horseradish, black pepper, red pepper and chili’s will tickle your taste buds and provide a great kick start for any event.