Did you say a Quinoa Vodka?



Keeping up with the trend and benefits of Quinoa, The vodka world has come up with a high quality vodka with a unique taste which is the result of a daring cultural exchange within the frame of a true search for something authentic.
•Made with organic quinoa seeds from Bolivia.
•Gluten free vodka for all those of us whose bodies deserve to be looked after.
•Double brewed and distilled once to keep depth of flavour from the quinoa.
•Produced and bottled in the Cognac region in France using organic farming methods.
•The first Fair Trade™ certified vodka in the World

•Chicago Beverage Testing Institute 2013: Platinum Medal (2nd best vodka out of 287)
•50 Best Imports 2012: Best Tasting Vodka
•San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2011: Gold Medal
•Chicago BTI 2010: Gold Medal
•New York Spirits Awards 2009: Best Vodka

Tasting notes
•Nose: Floral, fruity, touch of wood, aromatic citrus, lime, approachable.
•Palate: Herbal, melon, cassis, berries, floral character, citrus, vanilla, nutty coconut, creamy, powdered sugar, soft mineral, slightly peppery, white peppercorn, feminine, lively, nice.
•Finish: Cedar, wood, citrus, smooth, soft, creamy, clean, crisp, mild.


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