Nightclub crowd & Bottle service

 ” Grey Goose, Cognac and now tequila hits the clubs! “Image




Do you order Bottle-serviced Grey Goose or cognac in a club – if so you need to watch your back.

You now have competition from high-end tequilas, ranging from decent to delicious, and all designed to attract the nightclub crowd. There are high-end tequilas out here now.    Baron Tequila, a ritzy, certified organic and gluten-free blanco in a stylish bottle, hosted its thumping, DJ-fueled launch party at Butter Midtown in NYC. Distribution is still limited, but you’ll find it at celebrity-studded, Yelper-blocking nightclub 1Oak. Meanwhile, our best seller  high-end tequila Casa Dragones has been hosting see-and-be-seen parties during Coachella, Art Basel and other beautiful-people hotspots.



Those tequilas may all end up looking like first-timers on the dance floor later this year: At the beginning of January, spirits giant Diageo announced it was partnering with Sean “Diddy Combs who just t acquired DeLeon, a super-pricey tequila ($100 to $900, depending on expression) out of Guanajato, Mexico. This agave juice — aged in wine barrels and elaborately packaged with a large sterling silver cap — is already known among fashionistas and rockers. Now Mr. Diddy wants it everywhere: “There is no tequila on the market like DeLeon,” says Combs. “And we are going to make it the No. 1 brand in the world for this category.” It just might work: Diageo and Diddy last teamed up to convert Ciroc from an unknown French vodka to a incredibly successful club staple.




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