Mojito Parisien – Mixology with St. Germain Elderflower


Mojito Parisien
2 parts White Light Rum
1 part St-Germain
1 part Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
10 fresh Mint Leaves
option Add Club Soda (to taste)


Method: Lightly muddle mint in Collins glass. Add other ingredients. Half fill glass with crushed ice and stir. Fill to brim with more crushed ice and stir again. Garnish with lime wedge.
Sip. Talk. Dance. Repeat.





details:  St. Germain is made by infusing a base spirit with hand-picked, wild elderflower blossoms that grow in the French countryside.  Men scour the hillsides of France to forage and harvest enough blossoms to produce a year’s supply of St. Germain.  After the flowers are picked, the blossoms are delivered to the distillery on a bicycle.  Speed is crucial to preserving the freshness and flavor of these fragile blossoms, so they are immediately macerated to capture the freshest flavor. This daily maceration is successively added together every day during the 4–6 week harvest period, which accounts for the annual production of St-Germain.

notes: The nose is fragrant with hints of pear, and the delicate palate has accents of tropical fruits, but… it’s more complicated than that.  Sipping on St. Germain is like sucking the sweet nectar of honeysuckle, and then chewing on candied grapefruit peel.  The experience is delicate with a sweet bitterness that rounds out the blossom flavors.  To put it simply: it’s delicious.  So much love goes into every bottle and it really shows.

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