Strange Drinks from around the world

Although many of us  enjoy a nice robust whisker at the end of the day, other like a classic martini or glass of wine, and then there are others that prefer something with a bit more bite to it. How does a cocktail with a human toe or a beer made with hot chilies sound? Yes, these are actual cocktails people drink for fun, for pleasure, and some for fame. Enjoy this list of the most bizarre alcoholic beverages people drink, Bottoms up!


The Sourtoe Cocktail

The only cocktail that we are aware of made with an actual human toe… yes a freakin human toe!! The toes are real human appendages that have been dried and preserved in salt for use in the sourtoe cocktail served at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Yukon. As far as I know, it’s the only place you can order such a thing. The unusual recipe originally called for a human toe to be tossed into a beer glass filled with Champagne, however now anything can be a Sourtoe Cocktail (even non-alcoholic drinks); it just has to contain a toe. If you are looking for fame, you can become a member of the “Sourtoe Cocktail Club” by making sure the toe touches your lips at some point while you’re drinking- otherwise it doesn’t count!

Tequila Snake Shots

A simple recipe made with cheap tequila and a snake (preferable a red diamond back) makes this a slightly bizarre beverage of choice. You are supposed to place the live snake into the bottle of tequila to drown, and as it drowns it emits medicinal properties beneficial to many (supposedly). Once drowned, you can take the snake out, skin it and gut it, place it back into the bottle to distill and age for up to a year and then consume.

Bilk- Milky Beer

Bilk is a beer manufactured by a brewery in Nakashibetsu, Hokkaido, made with approximately 70% beer and 30% milk. This beverage apparently possesses a subtle fruity sweetness that they are hoping will appeal to women. I can only imagine what this would do to those poor folks with lactose problems!!

Chocolate Donut Beer

Concocted by the Shenandoah Brewery in Alexandria Virginia, Chocolate Donut Beer is apparently REAL. For those with a sweet tooth that feel the need to pack on additional pounds, the chocolate donut beer is rated very highly from many beer aficionados. Perhaps not the strangest combination and coming nowhere near as gross as a beverage with a human toe in it, chocolate donut flavored beer just doesn’t seem to be the most appealing of choices.

Snake Bile Wine- Ruou Mat Ran

Snake bile wine is usually served fresh at some of the nicer Vietnamese restaurants. The waiter slices open a live snake to get at the gallbladder inside and the bile in the snake’s gallbladder is mixed into a glass of rice wine and served as an aperitif. The drink is usually served before a dinner prepared from the rest of the snake. With a reputation for not only getting you drunk, but also making you virile this snake bile wine is said to bless the drinker with a variety of other health benefits.

Chili Beer

Looking for something to burn you while quenching your thirst at the same time? Then chili beer might be the perfect match for you! I can only imagine the pain both going in and out! There are actually several breweries that make this type of beer. Mostly a nice light ale combined with various hot pepper juice, oils, or actual peppers to the beer – jalapeño chilies being the most common pepper used. Hotness can range from a subtle spiciness to palate scorching… um, yeah…just what you want from a beer.

Baby Mouse Wine

This is one of those drinks you’d like to think they were drunk prior to even coming up with the idea. Baby mouse wine is prepared by drowning a large number of baby mice – no more than 2-3 days old- in vats full of rice wine. Nasty! The mixture is stored in a dark, cool space for about a year before it can be consumed. Apparently it’s incredible potent, which is a good thing, because I’d rather forget the fact I am drinking anything with dead mice floating in it. I just can’t even imagine what the flavor might be like.

Lizard Wine- Hejie Jiu

Drowning animals in wine seems to be a popular thing to do and this time with a potently poisonous reptile no doubt. Lizard wine is made with a type of liquor close to rice wine or whiskey and of course a lizard- the most commonly used is a gecko. Hejie Jiu is one of China’s strongest alcoholic brews but is also considered to contain a number of medicinal properties and treat such ailments as cancer, arthritis, and ulcers.

Pizza Beer

Another beer combined with food, and this time a pizza! Some might think this is the best thing in the world… others, not so much. The beer is made by taking a real Margarita pizza and placing it into a mash & steeping it in the beer mixture like a tea bag. They strain it several times assuring there are no bits or pieces in the beer itself, then it’s cooled, fermented and bottled.

Placenta Cocktail

How about a cocktail made with pig’s placenta… sound appealing? Placenta is said to have regenerative properties, especially pertaining to beauty and health. There is a jelly like drink made from the placenta as well as an extract that can be mixed with a variety of alcohols to create the ideal cocktail… rumors say it tastes a bit like peaches… still, I think I’ll pass.


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