Selecting a Good Tequila

A Good bottle of TequilaAre you in the market for a good bottle of Tequila?

I thing the first thing for any Tequila lover is to know the history of all Tequilas. Tequila is distilled from the juice of the Agave plant. After the Agave plant has grown several years, it starts to store up sugars to feed its flower. This Flower or bloom is usually detached or it will use all the sugars that are needed in the distillation process.

Ancient Aztec Indians used the Agave plant for countless things. This included processing the leaves into a type of thread and also allowing the juice to ferment and drinking it. This was the first Tequila! Years later the fermented juice was distilled producing the first real Tequila. Today, Tequila is produced in numerous distilleries in Mexico, and much of it is exported to the United States.

Here are some pointers of how to select a good bottle of Tequila.

*NEVER buy Tequila that you have seen advertised. Most of these brands spend so much on advertising that they sometimes skimp on quality.

*Look on the label for “100% AGAVE”. If this is not on the label, DO NOT buy the bottle! This means that the “Tequila” in the bottle is not really Tequila. It contains either water, colorings, artificial this, artificial that, etc…

*Make sure that the Tequila is made in Mexico. “Made” is “Hecho” in Spanish, either of these will do. Mexico cannot make whiskey, we sure cannot make Tequila here either.

*Know your local Liquor Shop so that they can direct you to the best valued Tequila in the market.

List of all Tequilas on our site:

And finally …… try anything within these criteria, find the one you like the best, enjoy!


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