The Taste of the Wine

Wine geeks break the world into two different parts:
The Old World and the New World

For complicated reasons, these wine taste very different from each other, but they show characteristics of either fruit or earth.
Old-world countries include France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal. Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the United States are considered the New World.

We set up a simple rule to describe taste: Old world wines have predominantly earthy flavors such as mushroom, cigar, mineral, stone, tar, clove, herb. New-world wines have mostly fruity flavors such berry, cherry, apple, mango & orange.

You might ask, is this a full proof method? definitely not; however, in our years in business, I have seen the lightbulb turn on for countless people. It helps the consumer manage select amount a large wine selection, and it sets the stage for more advance and specific training of your palate.


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