El Burro Kick’s Ass!

el burro

Wine snobs- beware! Please, go no further if your delicate sensibilities and palates can’t take the ass kicken’ title and flavor of this affordable yet deliciously drinkable 100% Grenacha wine. I personally sampled this wine a few weeks back, and remembering how much I enjoyed it, decided to blurb on the blog. The brainstorm went a bit like this:

Me (office guru with a tad of wine experience): “Mmm this is a tasty wine! I’ll be the first to admit I can be a bit biased since I pretty much grew up on hearty nappy Cab’s and Merlot  but this wine had all of that bold yet slightly fruity flavor I was looking for.”

Chris (cellar & wine room guy):  “It’s kick ass good” (he doesn’t say much…)

Shawn (owner and buyer): “Smooth, rich and well balanced for a soft and elegant wine. A big wine for a little price!”

Tasting Notes: Vivid purple color with bright red rim; raspberry, cherry fruit on the nose with earthy notes of spice, leather, vanilla, and mocha; full bodied with fine soft tannins and well balanced acidity; raspberry and wild berry fruits give way to a long, smooth, spicy finish. 100% Garnacha.

For $11.99 I dare you to find anything better!

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