moet & chandon tasting

Recently we hosted a Moet & Chandon tasting with special guest Benoit Gouez the Chef de Cav of the Champagne house.  This is THE guy who oversees all production and ensures each batch upholds the same standards and flavor profiles for such iconic bottles as White Star and Nectar Imperial.   Besides the usual merriment and fun of our tastings, two wonderful things came from the event: 1. A delicious new cocktail recipe thanks to the Consumer Development Manager who was pouring, and 2. a fabulous new cheese that our cheese monger recommended to have with the champagne.


We sampled four Moet & Chandon Champagnes: White Star Imperial, Rose Imperial, Grand Vintage 2000, and Nectar Imperial. While I’ll admit my personal favorite was the Nectar Imperial with the lesser expensive White Star at a close second, I was even more impressed by the simple addition of a squeezed lime wedge. For those champagne purists, I really do encourage you to try it, that little burst of flavor and acidity took the champagne to a whole new level – and brought out the inherent sweetness of the champagne.


The triple cream ‘fromage’ we sampled with the tasting was out of this world. It was vivid at first and then creamy and altogether heavenly in texture, with a brightness of flavor that I have never had in a cheese before. So what was this miracle cheese? It’s called Brillat Savarin De Seine Et Marne. It’s from Normandy, made from cow’s milk, and a  little on the expensive side at $29.99 a pound,  but truly worth it.

A night of indulgence, and one to remember. Jealous you weren’t there? Better make it to one of our next tastings!

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