Bold Boulder Limon Flavored Chips

It is a test of endurance to photograph, write web descriptions and generally be surrounded by enticing new products that  scream “try me! try me!!!” all day long, yet somehow we usually manage without any casualties. This is the story of one such exception.Boulder's are Bolder!

It was an exceptionally warm day here in LA, occasionally punctuated by new breezes.  We sat contemplating the meaning of life when we felt the inclination to savor something new…wait, that’s not true.

We were sitting in an AC controlled office doing our usual e-mail, web photos, idle chit chat, and so forth when we got primal (that’s more like it). The deadly combination of hunger, shiny new things, and absolutely all absence of remorse led us to rip open a bag of the newly arrived Boulder Limon Kettle Style Chips. And OMG. Slightly thicker and crunchier than the Kettle brand chips, I have the feeling this Boulder brand will create some healthy competition.

For those of you who have never had this delightful flavor, it’s something like lemon, lime and then salt & vinegar with a hint of spice all in one heavely bite. I’ve always enjoyed the Lays version of this flavored chip, but now I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back. These were crunchy, salty, sweet and spicy, and we wound up eating the entire family sized bag in just a few minutes… And with no regrets. Just writing about them now makes me want to saunter next door and get a bag. For now though I’ll exhibit some self control and leave a few for you all to try. But you better hurry 🙂

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