Chocolate Grappa?

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t grappa for little old ladies that make patchwork quilts after playing bridge all day? That, and if you have to stomach one more hyper-flavored vodka/rum-esque spirit you’ll consider quitting drinking all together! (I’m right aren’t I) Well keep reading for goodness’ sake because this chocolate delight is worth a try.

grappi chocolate grappa

We were all a little doubtful at first, and our tasting went something like this:

Sherry(#2 boss): “Really Shawn I can’t stay, I have to go pick up the kids. You’re sure I need to try this?”

Shawn(#1 boss): “Yes, Sherry, trust me it was really good.” Me (assistant to #1 and #2): (twirling the thick liquor in my cup) “Well it smells good…”

Chris (wine guy): “It looks like mud” (well said)

I got my glass first and I hate to admit it but my expectations weren’t that high. I was hesistant to try it as I’ve certainly had my fill of sicky sweet liquors, and I’m not really even a huge fan of drinking chocolate. That being said, it smelled brightly sweet and since it was chilled it was easier for me to dive in. It took about a full two seconds before the ‘liquid’ made it from the bottom of the cup to my mouth.  While it was creamy, almost pudding-like at first it then half melted and dissolved with rich layers of chocolate and a little kick from the grappa towards the end.  Drinking it straight was almost too much, however, we all instantly started pairing it with other goodies that would be ideal.

Sherry: “wouldn’t this be good for cake frosting instead of grand marnier?”

Shawn: “it’s viscous, almost fudge like”

Me: “imagine this on top of coffee ice cream- oh heaven”

and Chris: “it’d be good in coffee” (genius!)

Moral of the story is don’t judge a bottle by it’s associates, you will probably catch me working on my cross stitch this weekend, and I can’t wait to try this grappa chocolate again (hopefully with some haagen dazs…)


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