Miguel on a Friday night

miguel torres carmenere (yum)

miguel torres carmenere (yum)

Alright, I would like to preface this with I am not a wine expert. However, that being said most of the guys who work here are.  So when Friday night rolls around, I punch out, grab my laptop and head next door to the wine room where I find myself asking: “so what’s good and cheap this week?” 

DAVID: Well what do you like? ME: Moslty cab, but I’d like to try something new.

D: We just got a shipment of Miguel Torres in, have you had any Carmenere? M: No, what the heck is that?

D: Oh it’s a “________” (he went on to explain it but I was drifting on to think of what I wanted for dinner…) and more of a merlot style from Argentina. Really decent for the price but more along the fruity side.     M: Sold.

Needless to say I took it home and shared it with my roommate (which as I watched her pour herself a second glass, instantly regretted…). It was de-li-cious. 

Looking forward to trying the rest of the Miguel Torres wines if they are even half as smooth and easy to drink. Flavor profile for the wine enthusiasts: Cherry color with fine mulberry aromas, and balsamic touches of eucalyptus that culminate in a sublime hint of mandarin oranges. Elegant on the palate with sweet tannins and nuances of leather and spices. Its aging in French oak lends a pleasant toasted background.

{This entry was brought to you by Molly Mellow}

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