Essential Elixirs

ST. Germain Liqueur  Liqueurs  provide the heart and soul of a cocktail.  Their brilliant flavors and lush, satiny bodies temper high-octane spirits and meld the disparate ingredients into joyful bliss.  Without a varied complement of liqueurs on the back bar, your drink-making abilities drop into low gear. 

Several liqueurs new to the market are expanding the mixologist’s palette.  In the event you misses the fanfare over their initial release, here’s the scoop on the hottest prospects in our store.

At the head of the class is artisanal St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur(click on picture for purchase).  A handcrafted masterpiece made in the French Alps from wild elderflower blossoms. St- Germain has a curvaceous  and pronounced aromas of tart domaine-de-canton-ginger-liqueurcitrus, pears and honey.  Its floral-induced palate is expertly balance and features  of fresh mango, rock candy and tangy grapefruit.  It is an amazing accompaniment to champagne or margarita.

Also topping the charts in our store is Domaine de Canton, (click on picture for purchase) a ginger-laced liqueur made in the heart of the France.  The small-batch gem is crafted with a blend of VSOP and XO Cognacs and meuseum-grande eaux de vie, which is patiently macerated with baby Vietnamese ginger, Tahitian vanilla, honey and ginseng. 

Ty Ku Premium Liqueur (click on picture for purchase) is another newcomer with more healthful benefits than an HMO.  The sleek Chinese Liqueur is made from shoshu and junmai-ginjo sake infused with a blend of 20+ Asian super fruits, aphrodisiacs and oolong and green teas. TY_KY_SAKE It has an elegant, citrus and spice palate tailor-made for mixology.  That it’s soul-soothing and loaded with antioxidants is a little bonus. 

 Liqueurs like these are the underpinning of every great mixologist’s repertoire!


(this entry is written by Shawn –

Mel and Rose Blogger)


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