Memorial Day – Wine & Cheese recommendation



Morbier is a fragrant, yet surprisingly mild French cow’s milk AOC cheese.  It is distinct by the dark seam of vegetable ash streaking through it middle. Customarily, the evening’s fresh curds were scattered with ash to prevent the formation of a rind overnight. The next morning, new curds were laid upon the thin layer of ash to finish off the wheel. Today, the ash is purely decorative, a doze to the method by which Morbier was once produced in Franche-Comté.

 The wheel was then washed and rubbed by hand, forming a rind to protect the rich, creamy interior and create a appetizingly powerful aroma.

 Morbier is aged for at least 60 days and  pleasantly stuns  anticipations. Contrary to its smell, Morbier has a mild taste and leaves a wonderful, nutty aftertaste.

Leboure Roi Les Sangliers $9.99

Leboure Roi Les Sangliers $9.99

  Morbier is excellent served with a Gewurztraminer or a Pinot Noir.  We have enjoyed this great cheese recently with Labouré Roi Les Sangliers 2006 Reserve.

This winery started in 1832 in Burgundy.  It is firmly rooted in local winemaking community, enjoying an excellent reputation for its high quality. The wine has great ruby red color, black cherry and raspberry aromas and a generous finish. 

Morbier Cheese $11.99 per pound available:

 Labouré Roi Les Sangliers 2006 Reserve for $9.99  available at


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Mel and Rose Blogger)

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