Out with the Old, In with the New

Two Hands Bad Impersonator

Two Hands Bad Impersonator

I was not amused when we received our shipment of Mollydooker Shiraz Enchanted Path!   I could not help looking at the label. Bright red and green with a cartoonish font & character it was written: Mollydooker. It was a twist-off cap too. A goofy label for $90.00 dollars was a chuckle for me. Shelling out for an expensive wine with a goofball label is not an easy sell.  Especially when it reflects the quality of what’s in the bottle. 

I always thought Fun, cute labels belong on inexpensive wines. You will try a Fat bastard for $10.00 but would you pay $190 for a bottle of Kaesler Old Bastard! 

Fast forward 2 weeks – Mollydooker Shiraz Enchanted Path  is selling out quickly.  It appears that enough wine buyers are knowledgeable enough to base their buying verdict on what’s in the bottle. It could be that people like the idea of new labels that reveals new way of looking at things.

Australians have a sassy sense of humor and it shows in some of their wine labels. We all know about wallabies, kangaroos, and penguins on inexpensive, everyday wines, but now some serious wine makers are being lighthearted and are expanding this movement to more expensive bottles. Two Hands  from Australia has been in the top Ten  ranking for two years, makes a $50 Shiraz called Bad Impersonator with a man wearing a disguise of Marx brothers ( style nose-and-glasses) on the label. Kaesler Old Bastard is a favorite of a few celebrities! Layer Cake shows of a label with several layers of cake, then there is Lucky Lizard, Box head Shiraz, Shoofly or the Black Chook!

Wine is meant to be drunk and enjoyed. If the winemaker is trying to bring people from all different walks of life to experience his or her wine, why not add a little humor to the name or label!

But tell me if are you are  hesitant to buy or serve them to your company? Or is it the opposite and you actually are passionate about them? Does it even matter?





(this entry is written by Shawn – Mel and Rose Blogger)


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