Drink by 2020 or Open that bottle tonight!

Chateau Roland La Grande 2000

Chateau Roland La Grande 2000

 Do you have an aged bottle, lying and waiting!  

 If you’ve been holding on to a bottle of a 100 point Château Lafite-Rothschild 1982 or  a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne in your cabinet or celler, waiting for that “Special time”, or the “Right occasion” to drink it – then wait no longer. In truth, that event or moment very often never materializes, and worse, you could ‘accidentally’ get so discouraged waiting for it to come along that you open it and then realize you have to drink it alone, from a Styrofoam cup and match it with a Domino’s pizza – somewhat like a worried Miles in the movie Sideways.

So, now is your chance to open that bottle tonight.   Come on you are not seriously going to wait til 2020!  Create that special instant, to place a marker in the diary that  will always have a “drink by” moment for those wines. It is finaly here, the moment you’ve ben waiting for! That date is tonight, Thursday   May 7th, 2009. You don’t need to wait for your next promotion, anniversary  or the significant other to join in on this venture unless you don’t mind waiting Again!   Well, if you realy want you  can even share your experience and be part of a global phenominan  by sharing your special bottle  on Twitter or  Facebook.

I am planning on doing this again this Friday with a bottle of Château Roland La Grande 2000,  but as it happens, the idea of this  has encouraged  me to dig out my phone book and invite some  friends over to share with them.   I had a stunning bottle of  Krug vintage 1995 (elegant,  smoky, lemony fruit character and hints of brioche, mineral, ripe white fruits and honey.  luxurious with a crisp acidity and vibrant length, but still with a decade or more in front of it !!! and now that I ‘ve gotten brave, I don’t mind cracking open a bottle of  Paloma Merlot  from 1992 that we had  picked up on our trip to Napa back in ’92.     

So, I’ve opened one of my bottles so far. What bottles are you tempted to open now?


(this entry is written by Shawn – Mel and Rose Blogger)

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